What is TRR?


It’s time for a revolution.

Relationships look vastly different than they did in our parents’ day.  Courting and going steady has been replaced by Tinder and friends-with-benefits hook ups.  Same-sex relationships are more openly discussed and accepted.  Relationships are validated by social media updates.  Emojis replace emotions in everyday conversations.  Breakups are more likely to occur over text than in person.  Families have even changed.  Millennials are more likely to be part of a divorced, step, or blended family.  Research needs to keep up with these changes in everyday relationships.  This blog hopes to help people identify issues in their relationships and explain how best to manage tension once shit hits the fan and conflict occurs.  TheRelationshipRevolution is here to transform how we deal with conflict in our friendships, love-life, and families.  So buckle up, listen up, and stay tuned.

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